Justin Levitt, Award-Winning Pianist–Composer, Creates and Lives in a New Genre of Music Titled Life Music

Justin first sat down at the piano at age sixteen. Within the year he was composing music and entertaining audiences at a professional level.

He has always felt that his music comes from the heart of life experiences. Years ago he began to think about where his own musical style would fit among current genres. He considered creating a new genre of music that would allow him to write in his style while not being pigeonholed into one genre. It was from these thoughts and necessity that Life Music was born. Life Music is defined by the confluence of all genres wrapped within the core of emotion—the musical language your whole being understands. Justin hopes that Life Music will be a place for composers who write in several styles, a genre that will allow them to be non-genre specific and free to write in any and all music styles.


In addition to performing, composing, and recording, Justin has been working on publishing his music. A selection of eight volumes of his compositions for solo piano will be available by 2018.

One of his wishes is to share his music with the world. Whether a beginner plays one of his pieces for the first time or an accomplished pianist performs a polished version, he is excited by anyone who shares in his music and is hopeful that his music will spread.

In 2013 the Diablo Ballet www.diabloballet.org named its world-premiere performance after Justin’s composition From Another Time. In 2014 the Ballet choreographed a performance to his Waltz of the Dancers. The following year Justin was commissioned to write a piece for a short film honoring the retirement of one of their dancers. Titled Waltward’s Theme, it holds a special connection for Justin, combining his love for composing music for film and for dance.

Justin enjoys performing his music across the country. He’s performed in small, intimate settings and world-famous concert halls including Carnegie Hall. Every year, Justin shares his music and time to contribute to a number of causes to help those in need.

He often visits UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital www.childrenshospitaloakland.org to perform for children, parents, and staff.

The structure is five stories high and the length of a football field. From the atrium the sound of his music can be heard and felt throughout the building. Every note Justin plays is sent out with the purpose of helping those in need, pain, or stress. There is a very real reward to sharing music in this way—it’s fame and musical success to him.

Justin began publishing his piano pieces in 2012. His work has won numerous awards from Composers Today, a Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC)-sponsored statewide program.

MTAC State Composition Contest (Awards)

Sweet Contentment – 1st place (2012)

Within – 1st place (2013)

Peace at Night – 3rd place (2013)

By My Side – 1st place (2015)

The Villain – 3rd place (2015)

Oui – 1st place (2016)

Crazical – 3rd Place (2016)

Available in Volumes I – IV

Justin is president of the nationally recognized music organization Composers, Inc. www.composersinc.org, as well as a member and composer-in-residence for the Contra Costa Music Teachers’ Association of California (CCMTAC) www.ccmtac.com. He enjoys being part of the music community both in teaching as well as celebrating and supporting living composers and their music. In addition to writing and performing his music, Justin currently works for Steinway & Sons as manager of the Steinway Piano Gallery in Walnut Creek www.steinway.com.