“Just as life evolves…so does music”.

What is Life Music?

Life Music is not only a genre of music; Life Music is a genre of artist. Life Music is a broad brush-stroke containing different musical styles and genres that have influenced musicians and their music allowing them to create something new and unique that does not fit into any pre-existing genre.


How would you best
describe a Life Music artist?

Artists who are influenced by such a wide range of established genres that they’re creating something new and different that does not perfectly, easily or comfortably fit into an existing genre.

Why is Life Music needed?

I recently met a young composer living in LA, trying to make his way as a professional musician. I asked him about his music and the style of music he wrote. He explained it like this… “It’s not really classical, it’s kind of modern classical with some influence from film music, it has elements of…” and so on. It was like he was giving me the recipe for his special and unique pasta sauce (see example below). He was explaining his music by using words like, “kind of and sort of” and saying that it was similar to this and that without being able to tell me what it really was. His music didn’t fit into the already existing genres, classical, jazz, popular, etc. This is why we need life music: for the countless number of composers out there who feel they don’t fit into a pre-existing genre.


What is the one thing that Mozart, Metallica
and Eminem have in common?

They all could have influenced a Life Music artist.

Which one of your pieces best encompasses
or represents Life Music?

Life Music should not be looked at or defined on a one-piece or one-song basis. Life music should be looked at from a 30,000 ft. view to allow a better understanding and feeling of the different and unique pieces that, as a collection, make up the greater landscape of the genre.

How do new Genres get started?

A new genre can be started by one lonely musician as well as a group of musicians all longing to have their music be identified with in a way that doesn’t misrepresenting their music and vision by put them into a pre-existing category.

How is Life Music different than Fusion?

Fusion combines two or more genres, although it usually refers to jazz-fusion. Life Music does not reference or lean towards a particular style or genre of music. It is all encompassing and open.

How is Life Music different from New Age?

Life Music is influenced and inspired by different genres and styles, including new age. Think of Life Music as a musical puzzle; new age music is one piece of many that make it whole.


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